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05.08 05:30 - Together with the Fortnite materials standard
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Fortnite Season 5 starts Thursday, together with the Fortnite materials standard suite of fresh challenges for the Fight Pass, fresh character outfits, emotes and dances. Epic has released a ton of teaser pictures to give us some hints for what is in store, fueling rampant speculation as to what will in fact be changing. Following the recent live rocket launching event that disperse dimensional rifts throughout the map, there is a very clear sign big things are coming into the game, but Epic Games has yet to show its hand.

Formerly, a meteorite hit Dusty Depot (along with several other places ) while incorporating new termed areas like Lucky Landings along with Dusty Divot throughout the map. So let"s dive into what we"ve seen so far.

While we do not know for certain what"s coming in Season 5, some of the events happening in-game appear much to do with time travel. The teaser images that reveal a Nordic-looking ax that is at the peak of this post along with the Kitsune-looking mask below, could mean that the rifts observed all over the buy fortnite traps map are now portals through space and time.

This theory looks increasingly likely given a documented leak that happened late Wednesday, after an Xbox One Dashboard advertisement revealed what look like a trio of fresh skins, a few of which have a historic focus.In this circumstance, the hype for Season 5 is actually getting real, but we"re hours away from understanding what all this weirdness means for the match itself. Historical weapons? Portals that can bring you from 1 side of the map into another? The possibilities are infinite.

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