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06.08 09:24 - Other improvements include the tera gold
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Other improvements include the tera gold items you"ll get in Ghillieglade, the treasure in different areas will be overhauled too. All in all, it semes like those that are at the TERA club is going to be well off after Update 61 is published.

Strike Titan and TERA MMO Collaboration Is Awesome

We are not sure how many men and women play with TERA, the popular MMO video sport, but for people who do, and are not based in Japan, your rage levels are just about to go through the roof.

You see, TERA is teaming up with Attack on Titan allowing players to trick their personalities in uniforms from the anime.The cooperation was announced now, and by what we"ve gathered, the event will go live on tera ps4 gold May 2, and most of races are going to be able to use the Strike on Titan uniforms.

Now, you should not expect much here since the uniforms are the main attraction and nothing more. It might have been much better if gamers could take advantage of a few of the weapons and assault fashions from the anime, but that is not likely to happen.

Hopefully, the Attack on Titan and TERA teams come together to create this event accessible in the not too distant future for lovers outside of Japan.Everyone who is interested warrants to get involved, therefore, we are calling on the forces that be to make it occur.image


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