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11.08 06:47 - Rather than be cheap Maplestory Mesos
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I hope Maple never quits a new host. There is Mmogo.com  Maple Story Mesos, however, a different sort of server in KMS which may arrive at GMS relatively soon. Iirc it will start exactly like a typical new server significance everyone generating new chars. If you would like to stay around, learn the game, and wait for "reboot universe" to come out then you"ll have the ability to gain the wisdom of the game needed to somewhat compete when it comes out there. Other than that, your best bet is to find friends that have also just started and race with them.

Since some of you might have experienced, a few events began last week that brought unfortunate issues that have led to https://www.reddit.com/r/MapleStoryM/comments/8m7eyz/maplestory_m_soft_release/ a player frustration, specifically relating to the significant Wig Storm Development Potion, Hot Week events and the World Leap Event. We first need to sincerely apologize to the unexpected number of bugs and other problems that became evident with these events. We fully acknowledge that this release is not up to the quality standards we aim to deliver for our gamers, and we consider this situation very seriously.

It is always our goal to provide you with the most enjoyable game experience when an upgrade is released, rather than be cheap Maplestory Mesos burdened with specialized bugs or in-game item problems. For this end, we will first be addressing the errors during that week"s maintenance on Thursday, November 19, 2015. Details about what"s been amended will be published soon afterwards.

We greatly appreciate your patience and support as we work towards correcting these problems and continuously strive towards improving the total MapleStory experience.

Tunneling solutions to lower latency ever going to become unblocked and awknowledged?


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