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17.09 04:23 - That he tried to buy the Mut 20 coins
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 The saddest part of the whole affair was Trump"s A-level pandering to an audience of supporters who may or may not have been all that enthusiastic about the Bills. He reminded them that he tried to buy the Mut 20 coins Bills for a billion dollars, reassured them that the team was in good hands with the bidders who beat him out, the Pegulas (who he said "overpaid" for the team in 2014), and promised even more made-up championships for Ryan.He also confused 9-11 for 7-11."And I"m going to be rooting for the Buffalo Bills this year. Believe me," he added.   We know he wasn"t going to throw his weight behind the Jets, since owner Woody Johnson, who was a Jeb! Bush backer. The real problem with his Bills endorsement is that Trump"s been an unabashed supporter of Tom Brady and the Patriots, the Bills" hated rivals.    Trump locked up the Massachusetts delegates on March 1, so he was technically free to recast his fandom in the name of votes.The AFC East is a rough place.CHIEFS LOSE THEIR APPEAL:The Chiefs won"t be buy Madden nfl 20 coins getting their draft picks back after Roger Goodell denies tampering appeal. The Chiefs are definitely losing their third-round pick this year and a sixth-rounder next year for tampering, talking to free agents in way the NFL thinks is inappropriate, with Jeremy Maclin.   Maclin called the Chiefs tampering charges a "weird situation." Oh well, he"s worth a third-round pick.FIGHT THE POWER:NFL owners should join players in the fight to revoke Roger Goodell"s disciplinary power. It"s time to stop the madness.SIGN UP FOR OUR NFL NEWSLETTERGet all kinds of NFL stories, rumors, game coverage, and inane ments from the NFL media in your inbox every day.


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