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28.06 05:26 - Like you and OSRS gold
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 Maybe as a profit idea. Like you and OSRS gold also you get jobs that are assigned and xp and an agency fee, respectively. Less xp/hr compared to strategies that are present but really turning some money for those that do not need to lose 30m to on 83 con.   Development construction could be fantastic. Each significant area could have its own guild with projects to be constructed throughout the area. Instead of gain I would certainly be interested in experience that is dependable. For instance a larger project like creating a walkable bridge or NPC house could take 6-8 hours to finish awarding reasonable experience rates during, and the city could cover all the resource cost.    You might get paid a fair amount for the job but maybe not a great thing. Maybe you can receive bonuses or rewards for selecting contracts in place of payment. The principal focus would need to be which makes it an adoptable training system for those working to a top construction degree, while also still being rewarding to people who have 99 beyond and construction.   I focused for you on Firemaking. The Buy Rs gold only"content" it has is Wintertodt, which is only an afk training method and Ironman provide source. Hell, isn"t a difference between fires made out of different kinds of logs. They last the same random quantity of time and supply no benefit beyond being a portable shitty cooking array.
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